Specialist in agile product development and digital publishing.

My name is Dean Burge, and I am a digital technology specialist with more than 25 years of experience in software engineering and leadership, agile product development, large-scale digital publishing, SEO, and AWS cloud solutions.

What does a technology specialist do? A digital and technology specialist leads people and their activities to implement strategic digital technology solutions.

I have led people in the creation of digital products and systems in finance, IT, entertainment, TV, streaming, media, advertising, and publishing.

I specialise in;

  • software engineering, processes, leadership, and building high-performing teams, JavaScript, Node.JS
  • agile product development and delivery
  • search engine optimisation and technical repair (fixing SEO)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), hosting, infrastructure

I am often asked what are some digital technology specialist jobs. So I have created a list of the Best Digital Technology Specialist Jobs. This list is impartial, objective, and updated based on what I see in demand. I am not a recruiter and get nothing out of this commentary.

Dean Burge (looking off camera)
Dean Burge (looking off camera)