Digital technology specialist in engineering and leadership

My name is Dean Burge, and I am a digital technology specialist with more than 20 years of experience in engineering and leadership roles.

What does a technology specialist do? A digital and technology solutions specialist leads people and investigation, identification and implemention of  strategic technology solutions.

I have lead people in creation of digital products and systems in finance, IT, entertainment, TV, streaming, media, advertising and publishing.

I specialise in;

  • engineering practices, leadership and recruitment
  • agile product development and delivery practices
  • technical search engine optimisation
  • Slack setup, administration, workflows, help, training
  • Google Tag Manger settings, administration, help, training
  • Github settings, administration, actions, help, training

Other things I like are efficiency, grey, watches, whiskey, F1, writing, reading, 70s-90s music and sitcoms.

Dean Burge (looking off camera)
Dean Burge (looking off camera)

I do not specialise in;

  • IT services, networking, security or help using computers
  • Search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing