Best Digital Technology Specialist Jobs in 2022

What jobs are good to get for digital technology specialist careers?

Best Digital Technology Specialist Jobs in 2022
Photo by Mimi Thian / Unsplash

What jobs are good to get  for digital technology specialist careers in 2022?

I am often asked what a good technology job to get into. I occasionally keep across industry trends and opportunities. However, as I describe myself as a digital technology specialist in my work, I know that the below roles have always been key and indemand, and in the last 12 months, "booming" with many people starting new jobs. This list is impartial, objective and updated based on what I see in demand. I am not a recruiter and get nothing out of this commentary.

  • Solutions Architect, Product Architect, Systems Architect
  • Software Engineer, Digital Developer, Software Developer, Web Developer, Application Developers
  • DevOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer, System Administrator, IT Engineer
  • Head of Technology, Head of Software Engineering, Head of Engineering
  • Software Engineering Manager, Engineering Manager, Development Manager
  • Technical Lead, Team Lead
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Search Engine Optimisation Analyst,  SEO Manager
  • Head of Product, Product Manager, Product Owner
  • Project Manager, Delivery Manager, Digital Business Analyst, Scrum Master
  • Ad Technology Manager,  Ad Operations Manager, Campaign Manager
  • Head of Social, Social Media Manager, Social Media Producer