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The common sense CSS framework since 2008 was a spoof CSS Framework I created in 2008. When there were many CSS frameworks being released that didn't add much value to building layouts, and seemed to get in the way of learning proper CSS. There was also an over emphasis in various code libraries about being super minimal. This one took it too far. There were a few good libraries at the time, but I didn't really care. My effort was to focus on the humour aspect, with a disproportionate level of effort for a mediocre joke.

"Best CSS Framework, ever" (some guy)

The fun of the joke faded quickly and I didn't care to keep the web site around. To be honest, I'm regretting how much effort is required to make this page to fix all the link rot... I'm lazy (maybe I still am a developer at heart). I really should have just redirected the domain to Wayback Web Archive:

Screenshot from 2012 by Web Archive

realised there was a mild level of popularity during 2009 - 2010 for a fleeting time. Taking the original spoof site down caused a bunch of broken links. So I created this page to explain it and fill the gap of dead links I created when I let the domain expire. Anyway, here it is.

"It's only 3 bytes!" (another guy)

Unobtrusive CSS Framework Core



Unobtrusive CSS Tabularisationifier Plugin


div.table {
	display: table;

div.caption {
	display: table-caption;

div.col {
	display: table-column;

div.tfoot {
	display: table-row-group;
} {
	display: table-row;
} {
	display: table-cell;
	font-weight: bold;
	text-align: center;
} {
	display: table-cell;





The Unobtrusive CSS Framework is available for use in all personal or commercial projects, under both the (modified) MIT and the GPL license. You may choose the one that fits your project.

Full license text on Wayback Machine.

©ompletely missing the point since 2008 :P

Pro Version

Pro Version $oon

Coverage on the web

There was some fleeting popularity where for a few days it made some people smirk, smile ... or maybe just scratch their head in confusion.