Workflow guides make you better at things

Bulletproof Workflow guides are small and practical. Use them in your business, your teams or adopt yourself, to be better at things.

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I have more than 20 years of experience solving problems and adding value using internet technologies, mostly in engineering and leadership. From hands-on building digital products to leading high-performing teams. I have packaged learnings and tips from my experience into small Bulletproof Workflow guides.

These guides are inexpensive and small, but immensely and immediately practical. Apply them to your business, your teams or adopt yourself, to be better at things in work and in life. Tried and tested over many years, optimised solutions are ready to use.

Some of these practical guides planned are technical topics, some are personal productivity topics, some are professional career topics and some are general life topics.

The first one I decided to publish was Bulletproof Git Workflow. If you don’t know what Git is, you don’t need this guide. If you know what Git is and know how to use it, you also probably don’t need this guide. Who needs this guide? Managers of small software engineering teams (software engineers, coders, developers) where the manager may be a little hands-on still, and the rest of the engineering team are graduates or juniors or intermediate level.

Some other guides planned for the coming months are; Bulletproof Notes Workflow, Bulletproof Peer Code Review, Bulletproof Agile Workflow, Bulletproof NPM Workflow, and Bulletproof User Story Guide.

While some guides may be the price of a good coffee, some may be sponsored, open to donations, or free of charge. In any case, they are all original content based on my experience and learnings in these topics over many years.

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